HPL Stampings’ precision, short-run stamping process utilizes a unique tooling method where hardened tooling components are used in conjunction with standard holders and fixtures, thereby taking the place of conventional die sets. Our large library of more than 180,000 tooling fixtures is available for use and customization—at little to no cost to the customer. Our unique short-run tooling methods offer up to an 85% reduction in costs versus conventional metal stamping tooling methods.

Additionally, each basic precision stamping operation performed at HPL is typically done with one hit. This means a part’s entire periphery is cut with one stroke (blanking). All holes and openings are then performed in a separate operation, with punches located at the point of contact—and so on with other forming and additional operations. Exact duplication is guaranteed from the first piece to the last.

Since the short-run stamping method offers quick turnaround times, it is ideal for faster delivery of projects that have been started too late, are taking too long or do not require a high volume minimum. Short run stamping is the best alternative when it is not possible to invest a large amount of money in costly progressive tooling.