A Complete Material Characteristics Guide

Choosing the best material for your product’s application is essential. Review a variety of materials and their properties in this comprehensive guide.


The Pathway to Completing
Your Metal Stamping in 3-4 Weeks

Through the use of short-run stampings & a few critical key steps, you can successfully move your part from drawing to delivery in just 3-4 weeks.


Reduce Cost & Turnaround Time with a One-Stop-Shop Approach

A one-stop-shop metal stamper means significant cost savings, shorter lead times & peace of mind. Learn more in our latest eBook.


Choose the Best Manufacturer for Your Product

Selecting the right metal stamping company to work with is a tough decision. Learn how to evaluate prospective metal stamping manufacturers to identify the best one for your product.


Approved Supplier Guide

Get an overview of all the information you need to put HPL on your approved suppliers list.


HPL Stampings’ Complete Equipment List

View a complete list of HPL Stampings’ machines & tooling to ensure we have the right equipment for your job.


ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

This certification verifies that HPL Stampings is ISO-approved for short run stampings & sheet metal fabrications. Obtain a copy of the certificate for your files.


Benefits of Laser Cutting

Laser cutting’s impact on the metal forming industry has made choosing a metal stamper with laser cutting capabilities critical to the success of your project. Learn more in our eBook.


Converting to Short-Run Stamping

There is one complex process that delivers the most efficient, cost-effective results: short-run stamping.  Learn more in our eBook.