photo 2 (2)Quality control is at the heart of every manufacturer’s processes, procedures, and services. Almost every factor that dictates success for a metal stamping company hinges on the level and degree of their quality assurance practices.

Quality is usually at the top of every list of priorities in every purchasing scenario. A reputation for high quality can even convince procurement professionals to pay a bit more or wait a bit longer for delivery. In the end, customers can rest assured that the final stamped product will meet the required quality standard.

At HPL Stampings, we know full well the importance unparalleled quality can have on our reputation. As a result, we are completely committed to providing quality products and services to all our customers, regardless of industry. We take great care and work hard to maintain our ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is a sign of our dedication to offering customers the highest quality stamped product possible.

A High Quality One-Stop Shop

Like all ISO-certified, quality-minded metal stampers, HPL Stampings has a number of reliable and trusted sources for certified raw materials in order to meet every quality and traceability requirement of your project.

Our experienced engineers can partner with you to provide design and planning assistance on all practical aspects of metal stamping. Our team of tooling specialists has the technical expertise to craft and design efficient and effective tool components, while our process technicians can develop production strategies for accurate, consistent, and repeatable results.

Credible metal stamping companies should have a fleet of calibrated test and inspection equipment, in addition to technicians trained to customize quality assurance solutions that meet the constraints of your unique project.

The Highest Quality in Precision Metal Stampings

HPL Stampings is an industry leader in quality assurance. For more than 75 years, we have been providing high-quality, precision metal products and solutions that meet even the most stringent industry requirements.

Our team of design specialists, technicians, and engineers has over 126 years of combined experience across industries to ensure reliability, affordability, and the highest quality in your stamped product. Our state-of-the-art facilities features the latest in laser cutting and etching, customizable tooling, sheet metal fabrication, prototype engineering, and of course, metal stamping.

At HPL, quality assurance is built into every procedure, especially in our approach to approving final products—which are thoroughly inspected, tested, and reviewed at every step of fabrication and production.

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