Expedite Your Prototype Turnaround Time


Through the use of short-run stampings and taking a few initial key steps, developing a part from drawing to delivery can be done in just 3-4 weeks.

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With extensive experience in short-run metal stamping and fabrications, we are the ideal choice for all prototyping projects.

By employing the most experienced engineering team in the industry, we offer the highest level of technical excellence combined with our high-quality manufacturing capabilities. Our team of engineers and prototyping specialists looks at all aspects of the design and works with you to ensure that every detail is in order.

Prototypes are fabricated utilizing HPL’s extensive metal fabricating capabilities which include all secondary operations required to meet the project specifications. We have the ability to produce any stamped, formed, laser-cut or fabricated part from a wide variety of metals that we are sure will exceed your expectations for quality and accuracy. Virtually all CAD drawings and software types are acceptable, and we will meet all your metal forming requirements.

HPL Stampings is well-known throughout industry for our outstanding metal stampings and component manufacturing. Utilizing these well-established processes, we easily transition these capabilities into the highest quality prototype engineering services. Our forward thinking engineers and technologies are always up to the challenge of new product design and manufacturing. To learn more about prototype engineering and all of HLP Stampings capabilities and services, please contact us.