Stamped Microscope Slide for Laboratories Stamped Microscope Slide for Laboratories (click to enlarge)

We were able manufacture this stamped microscope slide cassette spring with multiple pierced openings using a minimal amount of operations to keep costs under control. A punch press with universal tooling was used for the entire machining process. Blanking was used to stamp the flat periphery of the part, piercing was used to create the finger openings and five tab holes, and forming was used to bend the comb tips and the tabs. Vapor degreasing was employed to cleanse the finished products.

The finished products measured 8.170” in length x 0.784” in width with a tolerance of ±0.0008” and weighed just 0.1 oz. We used 0.008” ±0.0008” thick 301-2B ¾-hard-tempered stainless steel to meet the customer-supplied CAD design specifications. Precision was crucial for this project because the product was to be used in medical laboratories.

Since we were able to manufacture the parts using a relatively simple process with a limited number of machining steps, we delivered 5,000 pieces to our client in the Midwest in only four weeks.

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Product Description

Stamped Microscope Slide Cassette Spring

Capabilities Applied/Processes

• Blanking
• Piercing
• Forming
• Vapor Degrease

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Press

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 8.170”
Width: .784”

Estimated Part Weight

0.1 oz

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

301-2B Stainless Steel, 3/4 Hard temper
• Thickness : .008”±.0008”

Material Finish

Vapor Degrease & Layer Pack

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection

Industry for Use



5,000 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 weeks

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Supplied CAD Drawing & Specifications