Function is All Important

A component’s function should dictate its design. Ask our experts about design feasibility and some of the practical aspects of the manufacturing process. Design simplicity is cost effective.

Specify Critical Dimensions

Clearly identify all dimensions that are critical. Specify exactly what the tolerances need to be. Tighter tolerances can increase cost, so allow for flexibility of non-critical dimensions.

Materials Options

Material type, thickness and temper can significantly affect the cost of a finished part. Carefully relate the material used to its end use. Feel free to discuss your material issues with our in-house experts.

Lead Times

Realistic lead times for quality tool building and manufacturing of your part is essential for cost effective pricing and production.

Quantities, Volume & Future Purchases

Accurate projections of current and future needs will help determine the best manufacturing process for your requirements. Our unique stamping and fabrication processes can minimize tooling and total part cost. If possible, let us know your future requirements as well as your current needs. It could save you a bundle.

Family Purchasing

Having “families of parts” produced by one stamping supplier can result in significant overall savings. Let us give you a quote for similar stamped parts to see if you can reduce cost.

Assembly & Secondary Operations

Let HPL quote you a price to assemble and/or package your individual components. This “one-stop-shop” approach cannot only save you time and money, but can also reduce your total delivery time. Also let us know about any special packing requirements to protect your parts appearance.


Determine the best shipping method based on any special handling requirements or time-in-transit. If your parts are to be delivered to a location in the Chicago metro area, be sure to ask us about our in-house delivery service. Our fleet of trucks could save you time and money.