Innovative Tooling Method

For metal part fabrication, HPL Stampings operates an in-house tooling department that produces customizable tooling for each project. Because we offer this customized level of service, we are able to reduce the costs of tooling while managing and maintaining the high quality of all the parts we produce.

We utilize a unique production line method with each toolmaker acting as the expert of their own operation. This specialist-type process speeds tooling time and increases the accuracy of the tools produced.  We are able to obtain ultra-close tolerances through computer-assisted equipment and apply all of our metal working capabilities to produce custom made tools for each project.

Low Cost & Flexibility

By combining all of our machining expertise in using the right equipment, such as wire EDM and CNC machining and drilling centers, we reduce delivery time and provide the highest quality available with setup and teardown times extremely minimized.

HPL’s customizable tooling capabilities offers advantages such as design change flexibility, quick turnaround time, and cost effectiveness. We guarantee to exceed all your tooling requirements for all types of fabricating projects, no matter how simple or challenging. Contact us today to learn more about our top-rate customizable tooling capabilities.