stamped cavity retractor Custom Fabrication of a Retractor for the Medical Industry Custom Fabrication of a Retractor for the Medical Industry (click to enlarge)

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We manufactured the Denis Browne type retractor blade shown here for use in surgical applications.

Featuring overall dimensions of 6.0” in length x 1.485” in width x 1.485” in height, we fabricated this component from .060” thick 304 stainless steel to withstand the rigors of repeated sterilization.

Production operations involved blanking, piercing, and forming to shape the part features, and then straightening to achieve zero-distortion flatness.

Vibratory deburring and sanding removed both tool marks and trace particulate to leave the workpiece with uniform, mark-free surfaces with no pits or crevices that could harbor dangerous microbes. Close dimensional inspection confirmed we met the ±.005” tolerance specification.

We completed 200 units in a four week timeframe. Our tightly monitored production and quality processes ensured the highest level of quality to promote an elevated level of patient safety.

To learn more about this project or our targeted capabilities for the medical device industry, contact us today.

Custom Fabrication of Retractor for the Medical Industry Specs

Product Description

Retractor Blade- Denis Brown
• Stamped Cavity Retractor used in Surgical Applications

Capabilities Applied/Processes

• Blank & Pierce
• Forming
• Flatten
• Sanding
• Vibratory Deburr

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Material Shear
Parts Straightener
Punch Press
• 60 ton
• 50 ton
• 27 ton

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 6”
Width: 1.485”
Height: 1.485”

Estimated Part Weight

0.105 lbs.

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

304-2B Stainless Steel
• Thickness: .060”±.003”

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection ( Tool /Forming Marks )

Industry for Use

Medical/Surgical Device


200 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 weeks

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Specifications, Customer Supplied Print