Copper Ring for the Power Industry Copper Ring for the Power Industry (click to enlarge)

Product Info

Overall Part Dimensions
Diameter: 6.693”
Thickness: 0.062”
Height: 0.945”

Tightest Tolerances

Material Used
.0625 Copper Sheet, half hard Temper
• Thickness : .104”±.004”


To complete this stamped copper conductor ring with tabs for the power generation industry, we had to employ multi-directional forming techniques: we used a variety of machining processes including blanking, piercing for the 12 holes, forming to bend 12 tabs to 90 degrees and pre-form ends to 20-30 degrees, and more forming using a Mandrel to complete the 360-degree shape. All of this was done on punch presses with universal tooling. We used 0.625 half-hard temper copper sheets for the material’s superior electrical conductivity.

The finished product measured 6.693” in diameter x 0.945” in height x 0.062” thickness and weighed 7.0 oz. We were able to drill the holes with tolerances of ±0.005” thanks to our precise CNC controls, meeting the specifications in the customer-supplied CAD designs. In total, we produced 250 pieces and were able to deliver to our client in the Midwest in just four weeks. The pieces were subject to a thorough dimensional and visual inspection before shipment.

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Product Description

Conductor Ring
• Stamped Copper Rings with Tabs

Capabilities Applied/Processes

• Blanking
• Piercing
• Forming
• Mandrel Form
• Straightening

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Press

Overall Part Dimensions

Diameter: 6.693"
Height: 0.945"
Thickness: .062"

Estimated Part Weight

7 oz

Tightest Tolerances

±.005” Holes

Material Used

.0625 Copper Sheet, half hard Temper

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimension Inspection
Visual Inspection

Industry for Use

Power Generation


250 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

4 Weeks

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Supplied CAD Drawing & QP-1.6-004 compliant