Stamped Cap with Stencil Stamped Cap with Stencil (click to enlarge)

Product Info

Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 1.407”
Width: .690”

Tightest Tolerances

Material Used
Cold Rolled Steel, Soft Temper
• Thickness : .078”

We recently produced a stamped bracket cap for a customer. This part was not particularly complex, but it did require some unique marking.

All machining was done on a punch press with universal tooling. We used 0.078” thick soft-tempered cold-rolled strip steel for the part and applied certified zinc plating to add durability and create an attractive finish. The material was stamped flat then placed in a vibratory tumbler for deburring. Finally, the surface of each part was marked with 1/16” characters using an industrial stencil.

A visual and dimensional inspection ensured that all pieces measured 1.407” in length x 0.690” in width (±0.005”) and weighed 0.2 oz. Since this was a relatively simple part, we were able to deliver all 2,000 pieces to the Midwest just three weeks after the client provided us with the blueprints for the part.

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Product Description

Stamped Cap

Capabilities Applied/Processes

• Blanking
• Deburr
• Marking

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Press

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 1.407”
Width: .690”

Estimated Part Weight

0.2 oz

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Cold Rolled Strip Steel, Soft Temper
• Thickness : .078"

Material Finish

Zinc Plating

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection
Visual Inspection

Industry for Use

Industrial Electric Heaters, Sensors and Controllers


2,000 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3 weeks

Delivery Location

Midwest, USA

Standards Met

Customer Supplied Blueprint
Plating Certification