Blower Cover for Military/Aerospace Cooling Blower Cover for Military/Aerospace Cooling (click to enlarge)

Product Info

Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 6.000”
Width: 6.350”
Height: .250”

Tightest Tolerances
Hole to Hole pattern ±.004”/-.000″

Material Used
Cold Rolled Steel
• Thickness : .0478”

This project for military and aerospace cooling and ventilation applications was completed using a fairly simple manufacturing process with a minimal number of operations. This allowed us to keep costs low for our client. However, it required some unique forming capabilities and a high level of attention to detail to meet strict design requirements.

We used 0.0478” ±0.004” thick soft-tempered cold-rolled sheet steel and applied blanking to the flat contour of the part. Next, the sides were form drawn and re-hit to hold a 90-degree angle. And finally, eight small holes and one center opening were punched. Each part received light sanding to finish. All processes (except the sanding) were done on a punch press with universal tooling.

Dimensional inspections of the part ensured that the customer-supplied design specifications were met. The final products measured 6.000” long x 6.350” wide x 0.250” high and weighed 7.4 oz.

Leveraging our streamlined manufacturing process, we delivered 100 blower covers to our client in the Eastern US in just three weeks.

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Product Description

Blower Cover for Military/Aerospace Cooling & Ventilation

Capabilities Applied/Processes

• Blanking
• Forming
• Piercing
• Sanding

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Punch Press

Overall Part Dimensions

Length: 6.000”
Width: 6.350”
Height: .250”

Estimated Part Weight

7.4 0z

Tightest Tolerances


Material Used

Cold Rolled Steel, Sot Temper
• Thickness : .0478"

In process testing/inspection performed

Dimensional Inspection

Industry for Use



100 Units

Delivery/Turnaround Time

3 weeks

Delivery Location

Eastern, USA

Standards Met

Customer Supplied CAD Drawing
Material Certifications