What Our ISO Certification Means to You

Prior to choosing a manufacturing partner, there are several factors your company must first consider. The final decisions made by procurement professionals are often based on the immediate needs of a project—this can include short turnaround times and an extensive material selection. Though these factors are important, quality should always be a top priority for procurement engineers and managers.

ISO CertificationQuality control is vital to the success of every manufacturing process and service. Some companies might be able to fulfill your part requirements on time, or even ahead of schedule, but a rapid turnaround won’t always equate to quality products.

At HPL Stampings, Inc., our mission is to provide quality assurance that’s unmatched throughout the industry. Our team meticulously inspects, tests, and reviews each product before final approval. HPL’s dedication to high-quality service is reflected by our ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

The International Organization for Standardization

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) was founded in 1947 to coordinate, unify, and modernize various industrial standards. ISO comprises engineers, designers, maintenance technicians, and other specialists from diverse industrial markets; these specialists ensure manufacturers and suppliers are held to the highest levels of workmanship.

ISO certification is what separates good companies from those that are truly exceptional. Only an ISO certified company is equipped to increase your productivity and customer satisfaction while providing access to new global markets. Additionally, this certification helps companies reduce both operational costs and negative environmental impact.

HPL Stampings has led the industry in quality assurance for over 70 years. Our ISO certification comes into play at each step of the process, from design to fabrication, and even after the product has gone to market. HPL is committed to providing reliability—a value that many companies tend to overlook.

Our experienced engineers work closely with you to enhance all the practical aspects of metal stamping. Be sure to contact HPL Stampings today to learn how our capabilities can support your company.

Click here or on the link below to obtain a copy of our ISO certification.

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