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HPL Resource LibraryAll companies that work with metal stamping vendors look for short lead times, high quality products and cost-efficient performance.

The best way to achieve these three goals is to have a solid grasp on the metal stamping process — specifically, the materials you need, the technologies available to you and the type of metal stamping vendor that works best for your project.

HPL Stampings offers resources and educational materials with insights and more so you can make informed decisions with your metal stamping vendor. Our resources include:

Resource Library

eBooks and guides in HPL Stampings’ resource library explain how you can save time and money in the metal stamping process.

  • Reduce Cost & Turnaround Time of Your Metal Stamped Part. A metal stamping vendor that follows a one-stop shop approach has the flexibility to specialize in areas unique to your company — all while offering a range of services that are standard for numerous companies. In this eBook, you’ll learn how one-stop shop metal stamping vendors can drastically reduce turnaround time for your project and eliminate the need to ship parts to other companies.
  • Qualities of a Good Metal Stamper. Not all metal stamping vendors offer the same capabilities, and choosing a vendor that can’t meet your requirements can result in production delays. This eBook explains how to determine a vendor’s effectiveness based on quality, cost, reliability and more.
  • The Pathway to Completing Your Metal Stamping in 3-4 Weeks. Do you have a CAD drawing to work with in the proper file format? Do you know the expected delivery and shipping terms of your metal stamped project? Answering these questions is critical to a quick turnaround time. With this guide, you’ll get a checklist of all the critical steps to move a part from drawing to delivery.
  • HPL Stampings’ Equipment List. HPL offers a wide range of machines and tooling services to ensure we have the right equipment for your job. Our complete list of equipment is available for download so you can access it at your conveninence

Case Studies

Through more than 70 years of experience, HPL has served virtually every industry around the world and delivered precision metal stamping products to meet the most stringent industry requirements. Our case studies include examples of our past work for different applications and markets, including the automotive industry, the dental industry and the telecommunication industry.

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These are just a glimpse of the many resources offered by HPL Stampings. We encourage you to browse our website and take advantage of these informative materials today.

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