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Laser cutting is the use of a laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) to cut through metal for industrial manufacturing. Industrial laser cutters, in the form of low divergence beams manipulated by reflective surfaces, are typically used to cut flat sheet material, structural metals, or piping metals through burning, melting, or blowing.

This technology has revolutionized metal forming by supporting complex geometries and design files by creating clean cuts that would not be possible with traditional machinery. Lasers provide unparalleled precision to cut detailed edges without any warping, burring, or dust formation. In addition to outstanding accuracy, the reduced need for die stamps and tooling allows businesses to save on manufacturing costs.

Other benefits of laser cutting include:

  • Versatility – Lasers can cut through many materials and thicknesses in a single operation.
  • Flexibility – The programming flexibility of laser cutting machines allows engineers and operators to make rapid design changes during a job.
  • Efficiency – The automation of the process makes it fast, accurate, and highly repeatable for mass production. Additionally, simple set-up and clean-up allow for minimal downtime between jobs.
  • Ease – Since laser cutting requires little to no hard tooling, it’s easy to set up for a project or adjust the machinery between jobs.
  • Safety – The laser cutting process is computer automated, eliminating the need for physical contact during cutting and ensuring the safety of machine operators.

Laser_Cutting_eBook_coverHPL Stampings, Inc., a metal forming leader with over 75 years of industry experience, is proud to offer CNC and laser cutting capabilities with the Trumpf TruLaser 1030 fiber machine. Now with the ability to cut any shape with remarkable precision at a reduced cost per piece, we have opened the door to endless metal working possibilities for a broad variety of applications.

For more information about laser cutting and how HPL Stampings can help you with your next metal working project, please download our eBook, “The Many Benefits of Laser Cutting” today.

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