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At HPL Stampings, Inc., we receive all sorts of interesting sheet metal fabrication and metal stamping projects across a wide range of industries. To highlight our fabrication and stamping capabilities, we have developed a Case Studies Library that is now available on our website.

Stamped Terminal Clip (9)whiteOur Case Studies Library contains over 30 examples of projects that required a variety of materials and finishes, and were designed for applications across a range of industries including electronic, medical, aerospace, power generation, fiber-optic, automotive, and military.

Each case study features photos of the completed part and a description of the equipment and the particular capabilities that were necessary to complete the job. While the number of pieces and the function of each project differ greatly, in each case we leveraged our state-of-the-art punch presses with universal tooling and precision CNC controls.

The highlighted projects also range in size and complexity, from a small stamped bracket cap to a complex backing plate for heating equipment. No matter the size of the project, we consistently delivered finished products based on customer-supplied specifications within 3-6 weeks.

Metal Stamping Case Studies

Fiber Optic Removal Tool (2) (1)whiteOne of the case studies explains how we completed a fiber optic removal tool using a variety of complex machining processes and assembly capabilities to combine the materials used in the project. The tool was made using 1095 spring steel and black ABS plastic, with a black oxide spin-dried finish.

Another case study shows how we manufactured a stamped microscope slide cassette spring using a minimal number of operations to reduce project costs. We were able to achieve tolerances as low as ±0.0008” for this project, providing the necessary precision for our client engaged in making equipment for use in medical laboratories.

In addition to stamping and assembling, we also offer advanced packaging services. Our Case Studies Library contains one study on a static discharger wick designed for the aerospace industry, which illustrates our ability to deliver complex high-volume projects safely and on time with custom packaging.

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