Enhance Your Part with HPL’s Value-Added Operations

Metal fabricators are often chosen based on a range of factors, including their company’s reputation, turnaround times, and overall proficiency. Many procurement professionals also consider a fabricator’s secondary capabilities, also known throughout diverse industrial segments as value-added operations.

photo 2 (2)These operations go beyond the scope of standard fabrication services. Value-added operations supplement the initial work performed by a metal fabricator, thus making the piece closer to the desired end product. Operations such as welding, machining, heat treating, and others can provide significant benefits to your parts and components—depending on the specific fabricator.

HPL Stampings has led the industry for over seven decades, offering the highest-quality metal stamping, manufacturing, and prototyping services. We also proudly offer a variety of value-added services to eliminate the need for choosing multiple vendors.

A One-Stop-Shop Approach at HPL Stampings

At HPL, we employ a “one-stop-shop” approach to supporting customers. Our value-added services, which include deburring, countersinking, and passivating, are streamlined to reduce tooling and administrative cost while enhancing the reliability of the fabricated parts. Additionally, these services are performed by our team of skilled engineers—their job is to increase productivity, enabling us to meet or exceed your company’s most crucial deadlines.

Our extensive value-added operations can be customized to your specific application and industrial requirements. For example: HPL organized the manufacturing, assembly, and finishing of custom splice trays for a telecommunications company. These parts were assembled by welding cold rolled sheet steel together; we then applied an organic painted finish that was accentuated with white lettering.

The first splice trays we created passed both in-process and final inspections. The customer was satisfied with our work and ordered 500 more units, which we were able to turnaround in a short five- to six-week time period.

HPL’s value-added capabilities aren’t limited to the telecommunications industry—we also serve diverse industries that include aerospace, consumer electronics, medical devices, laboratory testing, power generation, and many more.

Reduce Costs & Turnaround Time with the Right Vendor

Reduce Cost and Turnaround Time eBookWorking with a one-stop-shop metal stamping vendor can mean a significant cost savings, shorter lead times and peace of mind. HPL Stampings’ eBook, Reduce Cost & Turnaround Time of Your Metal Stamped Part, reviews the importance of choosing a vendor who can complete all steps of your project in-house—and within time and budget requirements.

To learn more, download our free eBook today by clicking here or selecting the button below. We also invite you to visit our Case Studies Library to view additional examples of our team’s completed projects.

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