5 Quality Indicators for Metal Stamping Vendors

Searching for a high-quality metal manufacturer is no easy task. The market is saturated with different companies to choose from, and each company will have its share of advantages and disadvantages (especially depending on your application needs). When choosing a metal manufacturer, your decision should also take future needs into consideration.

Value Added OperationsOur team has compiled this list of quality indicators you should be looking for in a metal stamping vendor.Our team has compiled this list of quality indicators you should be looking for in a metal stamping vendor.

  1. Value-Added Services:

Working with a vendor that is unable to perform value-added services on machined parts can result in unexpected costs and delays. Companies that offer value-added services such as design and development, deburring, welding, heat-treating, powder coating, etc., will streamline product development and reduce overall costs.

  1. Full Disclosure of Capabilities and Capacities:

 A quality metal stamper should openly display all of their machining equipment and process capabilities. You should be able to review a vendor’s website and quickly assess whether they have the necessary tools and skills for your project. A full equipment list also reveals whether the vendor invests in modernized technology.

Similarly, look for vendors that openly disclose their production volume capacities and associated lead times. Vendors that focus on large volumes or long runs may be unable to meet fast turnaround times or low volume production. 

  1. Industry Certifications:

 It is absolutely crucial to ensure that vendors meet industry standards. Always look for companies that present ISO 9001:2015 certifications on their website; this ensures the supplier upholds internationally recognized quality control values. Before working with a vendor, you should also ask if they have the ability to meet industry-specific standards required for your project.

  1. Example Projects and Case Studies:

 A large collection of sample projects and case studies demonstrates that a vendor can reliably deliver quality products on time. These resources also indicate that the vendor’s previous customers have been satisfied with their experience. Moreover, this gives you a chance to review past projects that are similar to your own project to get a clearer picture of what it’s like to work with the vendor.

  1. Beyond Compliance:

 Compliance with industry standards for quality is crucial, but there are many companies that go beyond industry compliance to ensure the highest quality products. Look for quality assurance programs like quality management systems, test and inspection equipment, or a production part approval process.

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