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Ford’s New Short Run Stamping Project

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The Ford Motor Company is currently developing a new and unique short run “stamping” project. It is part of a three-year, $7.04 million, United States Department of Energy grant to advance next-generation, energy-efficient manufacturing processes. This effort is led by Ford, Boeing, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Penn State-Erie.  This grant is part […]

Completing a Metal Stamped Prototype in 3-4 Weeks

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Today’s short-run metal stamping process, which we refer to as our Specialization and Standardization Process, uses a method of making tools and molds using inserts in master holders and fixtures instead of conventional hard die sets. This tooling process cuts down on both lead times and tooling costs. With the use of this method, lead […]

Find the Right Metal Stamping Company for You

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Selecting the right metal stamping company is a weighty decision; and with the proliferation of suppliers out there in the marketplace, the task can become downright daunting. You want to choose a manufacturer that provides the best combination of quality, service and price, which seems simple enough. However, upon deeper examination, it is a multi-dimensional […]